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At James W Spivey II PLC, we know that while every bankruptcy proceeding is unique, most people might feel intimidated to file. The paperwork involved in these cases can quickly pile up and become confusing and overwhelming when done without professional help.

Additionally, your creditors will most likely propose different payment plans to stop you from filing bankruptcy. With the help of their team of lawyers, institutions from the credit industry discourage people from proceeding with this legal process because it can protect you from their collection efforts or even lawsuits.

Our objective is to make bankruptcy attorney services simple and accessible to all our clients. Depending on how far you are into the process, our bankruptcy attorneys can:

Bankrupty Law

Help you understand eligibility requirements and the different types of bankruptcy

Assist in compiling all necessary documentation for the whole process

File your petition with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Negotiate with your creditors at your 341 Meeting

Represent you and argue on your behalf in bankruptcy court, if necessary

Help you regain control of your finances and get a fresh start

Choosing to get help through bankruptcy attorney services can eventually save you time and money by ensuring everything goes smoothly right from the start. We understand that legal matters can be challenging; that’s why we are here for you. Get in touch with us at James W Spivey II PLC for expert advice and representation for bankruptcy proceedings.

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